Chili Ice Cream Cone Cookies



 I had so much fun making these cookies, they are little different and that is what made them special. I love projects like these, it is something new with a flare.
I was asked to make cookies for the Chili Party and obviously  my first instinct was to go with Chili Pepper Cookies but it changed instantly  when the host told me they will be having Ice Cream for dessert. I thought how about making ice cream cone cookie and replacing Cherry with Chili Pepper.
She loved it, so did I.

Cookie is made of two parts. I used my Ice Cream Cone Cutter and then a cookie cutter template for chili pepper. Using a round cutter I cut of the top piece of the ice cream cone cookie and added a chili cookie cut out using exacto knife and my template.
Bake and decorate.





COOKIES were flavored with 3 flavors, cookie its self as well as the icing.
For Lemon and Vanilla Bean Cookies I used my basic sugar recipe, for lemon cookies : I added 1tbl of lemon zest with 1tsp lemon extract to  the cookie recipe, royal icing was flavored with lemon extract as well. For vanilla bean cookies : I added 1tsp Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste – 2 jars!, to the cookie recipe as well to the icing, that is why you can see small vanilla seeds dots on the cookie.
I like to add 1tbl espresso powder to the original recipe, it doesn’t make the cookie coffee flavored but it gives it a lot more richness.Also if you ran out of chocolate of coffee flavored liqueur, it is okay to use Kahlua Hazelnut Liqueur or even Baileys Irish Cream. I substituted these when I  ran out of Chocolate liqueur and cookies gained a new flavor dimension. Chocolate royal icing is made with addition of  cocoa powder, chocolate extract and  wilton brown food coloring.
~Talk about delicious~


Lemon Sugar Cookies with Lemon Flavored Royal Icing
Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies With Vanilla Bean Flavored Royal Icing

Chocolate Coffee Cookies with Chocolate Flavored Royal Icing


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  1. these are awesome!
    I'm a new follower thru The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle… just stopping by to say hi 🙂

  2. Wow…I recently bought 1000 decorating ideas etc…and your work is in there quite a bit and I kept bookmarking you pages!! When I finally had time to visit your flickr site and found you had a blog, I thought I won the lottery today!! Your work is inspiring for a beginner cupcake decorator like me!! JUST BEAUTIFUL…..thank you for sharing your talents. ~~~ Trish

  3. So cute! 🙂 I love the chocolate ice cream — the shade of brown looks so naturally chocolatey! 😉

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