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Cute Easter Egg Cookies


How cute are little Easter Chicks and little Easter Bunny Faces??! These cookies are super easy to make and you can get kids involved to, let them do the imprints onto unbaked cookies.


  • Before you bake the cookies make an imprint using a small cookie cutter gently press down /do not cut all the way through/ into the egg shape cookie, I used a mini chick cookie cutter
  • Bake the cookies, let cool
  • Decorate with desired colors, I use either wilton or americolors
  • First pipe around the chick imprint and then fill the area  with flood icing royal icing
  • Pipe the outline around the whole cookie and flood the cookie as seen in the picture
  • Let dry completely
  • Add details by piping outline consistency icing around the chick and then around the whole cookie and then sprinkle  white sanding sugar on top, shake of the excess and you are done.


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