Apple Cookies

 I made these Apple Cookies for a friend of mine, for an Apple Inspired Baby Shower.
I decided to include cute little tags to go with each cookie, with a message ” Thank you from the core of my heart”.
Inspired by the message on the tag I looked for an appropriate image(this is a royalty free image) and I found one that I used to create the design. I fitted the image into a 3inch circle to imitate my actually cookie shape.
I made a simple template on a piece of  a thick paper  and using the same technique as in my Dogwood Tree Cookie and using a CK Products Black Food Decorator Pens, Set of 2
 on the chocolate cookies  I traced the apple shape onto the cookie.
Next Outline and Food the cookie, to flood the cookie I nearly always use 10 sec. flood icing.
I decided to make a little opening by the edge of each cookie, before they were baked and later I added a green ribbon to represent a leaf, realizing now that it is very hard to see the actual stem as I made it chocolate color.
Variety of Cookie Decorating Tutorials can be found here

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