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As promised I’m going to quickly show you how to make a pretty Apple Photo Banner, in fact you could make this into any shape you’d like, flowers, hearts etc.I used my banner for a pretty Apples of My Eyes Baby Shower Dessert Table.
To make this Apple Photo Banner you need an image of desired shape, apple shape below is a royalty free image that I got off the internet, then I picked several photos that I liked and  I decided to fill the apple shape with the photos I picked.
You probably   know how to go about this but in case you are new  here, I put together a  quick how- to for you.
I used Corel Paint ShopPro but you can use Photoshop, directions may be slightly different for Photoshop, but you get the general idea.
1. First I opened my apple image and with the cropping tool I determined the dimensions of  the  apple part and I applied those dimensions(see the red rectangle) when I cropped my photos(next step), I did this to make sure my photos once cropped they’d fit nicely inside of an apple  image, matching the ratio of an apple with the cropped photo.

2.I started cropping all of the images I wanted to use for my banner, I used the exact height and width that I got from the first step, make sure you check maintain aspect ratio.

3.Crop the image

4.This is what my cropped image looked like

5. Using a magic wand select the inside of an apple image

6. Copy the photo image(highlight cropped image and hit copy)

7. Highlight  an apple image and  click on paste into selection

8. Cropped photo should now be filling inside of the apple image

9. Repeat the same with leaf and the stem, using the magic wand, select the stem, then choose green color and with the flood tool flood leaf with green color and repeat with the  stem filling it  with brown.


10. Print all the finished  apples on a matte heavy duty paper, you can now cut each apple out, and since I wanted them to be really  sturdy I later glued each cutout  apple on a decorative scrapbooking paper, the one on a thicker side, and I cut each apple again, this way I created a sturdy apple photos for my banner. You are now ready to make the banner.


11.Last thing I made were decorating wooden clothes pins
Make Decorative Wooden clothes Pins

It takes a bit of time but this pretty photo banner is really worth the time, it is effective and it can be done in variety of shapes and styles.


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