Spring Garden Harvest and a Video Garden Tour

I have some garden news I wanted to share with you today. We are going green peas crazy, picking several buckets of peas every few days. They are amazing this year. I’m starting to have a slight fear of green peas overdose, if there is such a thing I’m a candidate for sure. I’m shoving them in my mouth by handfuls. They are so good, sweet, juicy and grown to perfection. We joked around that I’ll grow bunny ears  in a few days from eating so many of them. Talking about bunnies, there is a tiny little bunny residing under our porch…and eating my flowers.  One day we spotted him sitting by the garden door, gazing at the door, perhaps he was channeling his inner Criss Angel wanting to jump through the fence or something but still he couldn’t pull it off so he just ate my flowers instead of our vegetables.
We also had our first pepper last night, which I can assure was absolutely delicious. As soon as I cut into the flesh with my paring knife I could smell the pepper aroma. It was gone before I could say “would you like a green pepper, honey”?
We are busy, garden busy. With the  garden vegetables  it appears we are also growing tiny variety of clove weed as well. It is so annoying, I can’t even tell you. We try and try but it is coming back and back. Especially in the onion patch.
And if all the pictures aren’t enough I have a special treat for you at the end of this post. There  is a Video Garden Tour of our Beautiful Garden. I really hope you like it.

Garden Video Tour with Hani

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