Haniela's: How to Make Basketball Hoop Cupcakes

How to Make Basketball Hoop Cupcakes

Monday, March 17, 2014

When I was 6-7 years old my parents signed me up for basketball. Let's be clear about one thing I hated it. I used to pretend that I'm asleep on the couch in the living room,  just so I wouldn't have to go to  practice.  That lasted, ehm, I'd say several months, maybe not even that. I made new friends and till I was about 21 I played actively. I played for our town team, and for every school I went to.  I was on the road with the team (actually I played in  3 teams, we had town  team A and B, and I played in both and then school team) every weekend, leaving on Fridays and we'd usually come home on Sundays. I missed lots of family gatherings, birthday parties and probably also lots of cake.

To make these cookie pop and cupcakes you need

For Cookies You Need:
Small Square Cookie Cutter
Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing Recipe
15 Second Flood Icing:  white
Piping consistency(about toothpaste consistency) : red
How To Thin Royal Icing
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
Americolor Gel Food Colorings
For Cupcakes You Need:
Americolor Gel Food Colorings ( yellow, orange, black)
Cocoa Powder
Piping tips Wilton  #14 , #16, both star tips

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