Haniela's: Scary Eyeball Cookies for Halloween

Scary Eyeball Cookies for Halloween

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm sure you know the expression "It is starting to look like Christmas" well right now in fact, it is starting to look like Halloween is coming to town. Are you excited?  In upcoming weeks I'll be sharing several new  Halloween designs I made for this year. They are little different than my past projects. See, I own  an airbrush now and using it everywhere I can.  If you don't have an airbrush you can compromise and use Food Mist Sprays, though they don't have a super precise aim, they can still work some projects. These eyeball cookies are in particular really forgiving when it comes to airbrushing. To make them you can also use Pink Food Spray.

To make these cookie you need:

Plain Round Cutter
Decorating Airbrush or Pink Food Color Spray
15 second consistency royal icing : white, royal blue, leaf green, red, black, white
Royal Blue Soft Gel Paste Super Red Color Super Black Color Leaf Green Color ---------
Red Edible Marker
Professional Needle Tool
Royal Icing Recipe
Sugar Cookie Recipe
How To Thin Royal Icing

Scary Eyeball Cookies Video Tutorial

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