Haniela's: Peas and Peppers are Blooming

Peas and Peppers are Blooming

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden is growing. Just a few days ago peas and peppers finally started to bloom. I remember last year by this time we had pea pods.  Every year is different and though the blooming season has just started it appears we have a promising season ahead of us. Peas are covered with flowers and we hope to harvest first peppers at the end of June. We pulled out the first carrot, it was thin and quite tiny but it was orange and tasted great. Sweet and juicy.
I painted my old flower pots brown, I've planted herbs that we bought at a local nursery. I don't grow herbs from seeds, it is so much easier just to get them at the store, they have a great variety at local store  plus I'm always looking for something new to try. This yeas  I have 2 varieties of oregano, barbeque rosemary, curry, 3 varieties of basil, marjoram, curly and flat parsley, chives(I've had those for years, they come up every year) and also dill. I love dill. This is my first year growing marjoram and curry, I use lots of marjoram in Goulash or Crispy Potato Pancakes. Curry, though I don't use it too often I really love the flavor and having it so close by the grill I'm sure I'll find a use for it.
I'm growing geranium plants year. They are especially popular in alpine regions in Europe, where despite cool climate they  flourish into  show-stopping displays on  balconies. I remember traveling with my parents we'd admire how beautiful they looked. Not sure if I'll be able to replicate what I remember as a kid but I'm going to try.

I planted Marigold flowers  between tomato plants. If you didn't know  marigold is a natural aphid repellent, it  contains pyrethrin, a natural insecticide. I've been using marigolds  for years, not only they help with insects but yellow flowers  also create a beautiful display. Marigolds are  pretty hardy, plants tolerate heat and some drought. Another natural aphid repellent is also Geranium.

Broccoli is doing great, we should be harvesting first heads very soon.

With last year's abundant crop of cucumbers we've decided to plant only few plants this year. I still have pickled cucumbers from last season so I don't really need that many cucumbers. I love the small variety, crispy and without too many seeds.

Parsley is my number one herb, next in line is basil .I love using herbs.

Scallions, onion and carrots gave me a backache last weekend. I spent 90 minutes picking weeds out of them. At this stage it is important to pick the weeds so they don't suffocate the plant. Later on it won't be as crucial but now  it is.

 It is always very exciting to see first flowers, you feel happy about your work and it also reminds you that you  are so close to the  harvest,  and few days later a  all the rows were in bloom.  Pea pod will come really soon. I love snow peas  with olive oil and little garlic, quickly sautéed on the grill .

Peppers are also in bloom, maybe by the end June we'll have some peppers.

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