3D Patriotic Cookie Hat

Patriotic Holidays are ahead of us, with Memorial day coming this Monday I think a little Blue Red and White is in order.
If you remember I’ve made 3D cookie hats several times already. Not so long ago I made  Bunny in the Hat Cookie Centerpiece and then also St. Patrick’s Day 3D Cookie Hats. One of my You Tube fans suggested that I make red and blue hat and I took that suggestion and made an edible 3D Patriotic Cookie Hat.

To make 3D Patriotic  Hat you need:

Round Cookie Cutter Set , large medium and small
Ateco 6-Piece Graduated Star Cookie Cutter Set , small star cutter
Professional Needle Tool

AmeriColor Student Soft Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit, royal blue and super red
Star and Swirl Stencil

Sanding Sugar White 1 lb
Food Writer Set, Black Marker

Royal Icing

Sugar Cookie dough

  • Divide dough in half, keep one half uncolored.  Divide other half in 2. Color one part with blue and rest with red food coloring.
  • Using plain cookie dough, cut out 3 medium rounds. Using large cutter cut out 1 blue round, and then using same medium cutter you used for the plain cookie dough cut out 2 red rounds.
  • Also cut out small stars from plain cookie dough.
  • Bake the cookies, once cookies are baked and still warm, using a small cutter, cut out centers : 1 plain cookie, 1 red and also cut out center on the large blue cookie. Let cookies cool.
  • Using food marker and a star stencil transfer star outline onto the blue cookies.
  • Using white royal icing, outline and flood the stars. Flip the cookie and place it into the sanding sugar, or sprinkle sanding sugar on top of the stars. Turn the cookie, if present, using a small brush remove excess sanding sugar from the cookie.
  • Let the icing dry.
  • Using royal icing, glue all the cookie together.
  • Flood the small star cookies with white icing, let dry.
  • Fill the hat with small star cookies and enjoy.

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