~Curly Fondant Flower~

I call them Curly African Daisies as  they stand behind the creation of this fondant flower. I first made them 2 years ago, I don’t make them too often so when the opportunity struck I finally took some pictures of the process and today I’m going share with you how to make fondant African Daisies, they are fun and really easy to make.

Curly Fondant African Daisy
you need
fondant, I use marshmallow fondant, use what  you feel the most comfortable with, if you prefer 50/50 fondant/gumpaste feel free to use that.
flower forming cups
daisy gerbera cutter
toothpick or gumpaste tools
edible pearls, luster dust
corn starch
crisco shortening
silicone rolling pin, tweezers- I use tweezers from Karen’s Cookies

  • Color fondant with food coloring gel
  • Take a piece of colored fondant and roll it out fairly thin but not too too thin, if needed apply some crisco shortening to the work surface to prevent sticking
  • Dust the cutter with corn starch and cut out daisy from fondant
  • Now you have a 2 options: you can either put the daisy directly onto the flower cup that has been lightly dusted with corn starch and twist/curl the petals with flower sitting in the flower cup  or you can keep the flower  in your  hands;, gently twist each petal, taking care not to over curl/twist or you’ll tear the petals. Keep twisting until you are done with all the petals, place the flower onto the flower cup, if needed use a tooth pick to evenly space the petals around
  • Continue with remaining fondant, make more flowers
  • Let the flowers dry completely
  • Once dry, using a large brush dust flowers with luster dust or if desired paint the ends of the petals with luster dust. How to use Luster dust detailed tutorial
  • Using a tiny bit of royal icing as a glue, with tweezers attach edible pearls to the flower centers. Let dry
  • Store flowers in a single layer in the airtight container
  • Use as decorations for cupcakes, cake or other desserts.
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