What to do with Leftover Egg Whites

 Every baker comes across leftover egg whites situation, and if you haven’t yet gotten there,  rest assured it is coming, I’m sure of it.
Ever since I started to make French Macarons I save all my egg whites for them and I also enjoy morning egg white omelette with herbs and fresh tomatoes.
Egg white omelette is my favorite breakfast, I try to eat protein, it helps to get my energy level up .
There are many things you could do with egg whites.
Today I put together list of recipes, where you can put the leftover egg whites to a good use.
I’ll try to update the list as I go along.

Pudding with Meringue Clouds

Bread Pudding Topping- I love Meringue on Bread Pudding, more meringue better it is.
Original recipe provides egg whites, but with added egg whites you’ll be able to whip up more meringue for your topping, really scrumptious.

Fruit Mousse

Swiss Buttercream

Egg White Omelette
3 slices of turkey ham, 4 egg whites, salt, dry herbs, salt, pepper, frozen peas,
Salad on the side tomatoes and cucumbers

Egg White Skin Masque-especially great for problem skin
Apply raw egg white to your skin, let rest for 10 15 minutes until dry. Rinse
Plum Nectarine Sorbet
sorbet contains an egg white that works as a stabilizer


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  1. Hello Everyone,
    Egg yolks can be used for a lot of desserts as well.
    Lemon Curd – I will be posting recipe for it.
    I like to add only egg yolks to my linzer cookies or my Tiramisu Cookies-recipe on the blog-
    egg yolks make them finer,
    you can also make your own tart dough and freeze if until ready to use, just make sure you use it within a month or so.
    creme brulee uses a lot of egg yolks as well,
    french buttecream uses lot of egg yolks as well
    chocolate mousse recipes use egg yolks,
    pots de creme, there are a lot of recipes that use just egg yolks, perhaps I should make post about that too. thanks for the tip ladies.

  2. How funny, I just had a post on making a bright white cake, which takes egg whites. So I was wondering what to do with extra egg yolks.

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