Valentine’s Day Heart Balloon Cookies

Sweet and easy Heart Balloon Cookies. Getting ready for the Valentine’s Day? Here is a cute idea for you to try.

To make the these cookies you need:
heart cookie cutter and a balloon cookie cutter-  from The Cookie Cutter Company
Red Food Coloring
Chocolate Brown Food Coloring
White Food Coloring
Painter’s brush
Paper Towel
Cookie Sticks
  • Construct cookies using heart and balloon cutter.
  • If you are putting cookie sticks into the cookies, make sure to roll the cookie dough thicker than normal. Then gently place the stick into the cookie, I usually do this before baking.
  • Once cookies are baked, don’t move them around at all, wait until  they are cool.
  • Flood the cookies with red royal icing, let dry completely.
  • Using painter’s brush to tint the edges of the dried icing with brown food coloring, then gently using  a very lightly damp brush smooth out/shade the color to make it more even.(thanks to amazing Liz from Arty McGoo for a fabulous tutorial)
  • Using white food coloring and a brush, paint a little drop onto the cookie to add dimension to the balloon.
  • Enjoy.

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