Amazing Garden Tomatoes


Few weeks back I showed you our garden  today I wanted to share with you the latest  garden news.
She is doing great,  although as we have learned too much heat can be very damaging, heat is affecting productivity of the plants, /we are experience one of the hottest summers/ and we  are learning about variety of  bugs that we have never heard of before; due to either cucumber beetle or a garden stink bug we lost several cucumber plants, we had a problem with calcium deficiency causing tomatoes to develop black spots. We sprayed them with liquid calcium and that helped to eliminate the problem. Judge for yourself, here are the latest tomatoes we picked.
~ Red ~
One in particular has grown quite a bit, Red is 14 inches in circumference.


Red weights 488 grams (1.076 pounds)


Red is Beautiful
tomato, vegetable garden

I made  plain tomato sauce, I will be using it in Winter time to make my favorite  tomato cabbage soup, great source of vitamin C in cold months.

I also  wanted to share with you my set up photo, quite simple set up actually. I used natural light, white foam board  located in front to fill in shadows and I had a white diffuser above to control hard shadows.

Have fun Gardening! Our Beautiful Garden


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  1. You can visit my online garden any time. Enjoy.
    We are loving it, even though it is quite a lot of work, I'm making another batch of tomato sauce tomorrow.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I desperately miss my garden. We are in temporary housing until our new home is built. I will enjoy your garden this year!

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