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Haunted Gingerbread House for Halloween



I love collaborating with my blogging friends and my you tube friends. Today I teamed up with my you tube friends in a Halloween Collaboration. Be sure to check it out at the end of this post.
As you know I love making 3D cookies and over the years it kind of became a tradition to make Haunted House for Halloween. I always get so excited about this time of the year, and every year I try to create something unique. This year I started with my designs  in late August. I must say it is quite a process. I made several sketches, then I baked the cookies. I let the ideas simmer for a little longer and then it was time to decorate.
This year’s design for my  Haunted House for Halloween was inspired by pinned images on my cookie inspiration board on Pinterest. I also received a little help from my friend. Little ghost holding a sign “House for Rent” was suggested by my  little friend Sophia. I think it is a perfect fit for this year’s design. (Question is : “Can I find a tenant?”)
House has 2 front doors, haunted 13 hour clock, carpet flying over carrying a bleeding cake…be sure to view the video below for all the details and make sure you don’t eat the bleeding cake or you’ll turn into a…

Tools you need to make Haunted Gingerbread House for Halloween – STEP BY STEP VIDEO TUTORIAL

Templates for panels
Gingerbread I like for eating and it works for 3D cookie pieces – recipe
Gingerbread I like for decorations only(after baking, cooled cookies become hard/crisp). In this recipe I use shortening to cut down the cost, and I also add extra spices to make it more aromatic. This dough it durable and will last for a long time, I still have few pieces from several years ago.
Royal Icing Recipe
Gravestone Cutter(to make window frame)
Coffin Cutter(to make the door)
Ghost Holding a Sign Cookie Cutter
Rectangular Cookie Cutters
Wilton Paint Brush Set
Disposable Piping Bags -extra large
Baking Sheets – my favorite to use for cookie baking
Edible Markers by FooDoodlers – fine tip
Airbrush – I used this one in my videos
Airbrush Colors
Stainless Steel Tool

You can view step by step video how I made this Haunted House

Halloween Collaboration – check out rest of the Halloween Inspired Treats here

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