Henna Cookies, Pattern Templates

I’ve always loved intricate henna patterns,  and though I’ve made henna cookies again, I wanted to try again, with new designs. I drew couple of sketches on a piece of paper, then I practiced  piping with royal icing on simple piping templates and after all that I made the cookies. I divided my tutorials in 2 segments and you can view both  Henna Cookies, Part 1 Video and  Henna Cookies, Part 2 Video on my you tube channel Haniela’s.

To Make Henna Inspired Cookies You Need:
Sugar Cookies
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Round Cutter, I love these double sided ones
or  other simple cutters like heart, square, flower shape and such
Americolor Electric Pink Food Gel from Bake it Pretty
15 Second Icing(how to thin icing to desired consistency) – white icing
piping, toothpaste consistency icing – hot pink icing

Henna Cookies, Part 1 Video Tutorial

Henna Cookies, Part 2 Video Tutorial – Repetitive Patterns

Henna Patterns I used on Cookies

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