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Rainbow Flower Scratch Art Cake

I had this fun Rainbow Flower Scratch Art Cake on my mind for several months. Remember scratch art from the grade school? It wasn’t too hard was it? Well, I combined scratch art technique with pottery carving and that’s how we are going to make this cake.

rainbow, flower, buttercream, cake


Last month I finally ordered new pottery tools. I whipped up Swiss buttercream and baked 6 inch cakes. And I made a Rainbow Flower Scratch Art Cake.  This was my first attempt and it turned out so colorful and really pretty. I hope you like it as much I do.

Scratch Art Cake



You can use any cake you’d like. I baked chocolate cake layers so I used those. Some of the folks on social media suggested rainbow layers to match the outside. Be creative and have fun.


I used Swiss Buttercream to fill and ice the cake. 

I recently shared a post on Coloring Swiss Buttercream  if you wanted to check it out is there. But in a nutshell I heated 1/4 cup buttercream with the food coloring for about 5-8 second. Then I thoroughly whisked the slightly melted buttercream until well combined and immediately poured the colored portion into the buttercream I wanted to color.

Heat really helps to activate the color pigment and you’ll be able to reach deep color tones. Repeat until you reach the desired color.

To make Black Swiss Buttercream – to color approximately 3 cups uncolored Swiss buttercream I used 1/4 cup cocoa powder and black food coloring. You can either use Black Cocoa Power or Dark Cocoa Powder. I heated 1/4 cup uncolored buttercream with black food coloring first then I stirred in cocoa powder and then I added the mixture to the uncolored buttercream.

You need to whisk it well to combine.  If needed repeat the process of heating little bit of buttercream and food coloring for 5-8 seconds in the microwave. You can also use Chocolate Swiss Buttercream as your starting point when making black Swiss buttercream


Refrigerate cake after each buttercream layer.

rainbow, cake, buttercream


When adding black layer, make sure you are adding a thin layer, you don’t want it to be thick.


how to ice a cake




It is important to chill the cake well before carving, and in between as needed.

Have a bowl with hot water  and a clean dry paper towel  on hand.

Keep the pottery tool tip clean and slightly warm. You can submerge it in the hot water for 15 -30 seconds. Any longer and it may get too hot to handle.

Rinse the tip of the pottery tool after each time you carve the buttercream to remove buttercream residue, quickly dry it by dabbing it on a dry paper towel. Continue carving.

To make the petals I used a tool with a little nose shape, for the centers I use a round tool.

scratch art, buttercream, rainbow


pottery tools, cake decorating tools


Rainbow Buttercream swirls or stars are super easy to make. Layer rainbow buttercream onto a plastic wrap. Form a pouch. Fit a piping bag with a star tip, insert the pouch into the piping bag and start piping pretty rainbow stars.

rainbow buttercream swirl


rainbow buttercream


rainbow buttercream


rainbow cake


Watch the video how to make Rainbow Flower Scratch Cake

To Make Rainbow Flower Cake you need:

Video tutorial with narration and instructions 

Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake or Chocolate Sponge Cake

Swiss Buttercream

Black or Dark Cocoa powder

Food Colorings :  Black, Green, Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Yellow, Orange, Electric Pink, Purple – to make purple I use Electric Pink + Sky Blue

Icing Smoother

Cake turn table

Piping Bags

Pottery Tools

Large Star Tip

Hot water

Paper Towels

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  1. Hi Hani! I love this cake, I’m planing to make this cake this month to celebrate my daughter 18 birthday. Can I use a regular buttercream icing or do I have to do it with Swiss merengue ?

    1. Hi Angie,
      you can definitely use American Buttercream. It needs to be chilled before carving. Hope it turns out awesome.

    1. Hi Julie, I haven’t tried this technique with fondant. I’ve tried it with cookie dough and it didn’t work well. So I’m assuming it wouldn’t really work well with fondant either but I maybe wrong. I think fondant will give too much resistance and it would be easier to use an exacto knife on a well chilled fondant covered cake.

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