Garden is Growing : Tomatoes, Peppers and Spaghetti Squash Planting

I’m back with another garden update. Things are moving forward really fast around here. We’ve transplanted  tomatoes, peppers and spaghetti squash  seedlings directly into the garden. First we planted tomatoes and for the first few nights we covered them with plastic sheet to protect them from cold, especially last Sunday it was quite cold at night. We didn’t want to take any chances of them getting hit hard by cold and we covered them with a plastic sheet. We  bought painter’s plastic cover at home improvement store(Home Depot), they are only couple of dollars and totally worth the investment.
 Also,  I wouldn’t want to forget, peas are getting bushy, starting to climb on the support trellis. Couple day ago we harvested first radishes. They were tender  and super juicy.
Carrots have made a big step forward as well as onions and scallions. Everyting is growing. 
I have lots and lots of pictures to share. I put them into collages, using
Thanks so much to Katrina from Katrina’s Kitchen for introducing this awesome site to me. It really saves me tons of time when putting these photos together. Picmonkey is super easy to navigate throughout and is really fun, too. 
Bottom left picture : my “new” painted plastic containers
That was as long post right?!  It took me a while to put all the pictures together but I’m so happy seeing everything together. We’ve done a lot of work. I hope you enjoy my garden adventure. I’ll be sharing more every week. There is always something happing in our back yard.

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