Haniela's: ~Owl Cake~

~Owl Cake~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Owls are so beautiful

 They are so beautiful that I decided to make one into a cake.
I started with baking 6, 6 inch rounds of chocolate mud cake.
For the filling I made chocolate ganache, when cooled I added smooth peanut butter. Can I say YUM, it was soooo good.
I'm not the best cake carver, I filled the cake, chilled it and when the time came to carve this thing(it looked like a big chocolate cylinder) I just stood there with the knife, afraid to start. Thank you for the second voice in my household that kept me going. I wanted to keep the owl real, within the natural colors. For the inspiration I used this photograph.

 I spent the most time  making and attaching small feathers. It  literally took forever.
I went with 2 different shades of gray, white and light brown.

Last part I did were the fall leaves of variety of colors, plus I brushed the whole cake with luster dust to give it a nice sparkle.
As for the photo, I used few real leaves from outside.

What a fun  cake to make.
The best part  was to see our friend's reaction when he first saw it.
He just gasped :"WOW"
Basically all I wanted to hear.
~Happy Birthday~


  1. It must have been time-consumig, but it's worth... beautiful piece of art :-)

  2. This is a fabulous cake, well done :)

  3. Oh my goodness, haniela, it's beautiful. I love owl cakes!!

  4. Glad you have the "second voice" to encourage you :) an amazing cake, beautifully executed.... love the autumn leaves around the base too!

  5. I like the story - it sounds like it was a rewarding cake to make, and it turned out great!

  6. oh wow! It's gorgeous - I wish someone would order an owl cake. Looks like such a challenge, but so beautiful when it comes together.

  7. I adore this owl you made!! Love it! I'm here to take a second look! :) Blogger photos can see it clearer than flickr! :D

  8. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I was a bit nervous about this cake, but at the end it came all together, even though I turned his ears up side down. Who can tell, right? LOL
    Thanks again, it means a lot that you like this one.

  9. This is breathtaking! fabulous job.

  10. Your owl is fabulous, Hani! Beautifully done! Love also the photos!