For the Love of Pug Cookies

Today I wanted to share with you a super cute cookie idea I created using The Cookie Cutter Company  cutter, using my favorite shape of all  heart. You can do so many things with heart cutter, and  it really should be a cookie cutter staple in every kitchen.
To clarify, I first saw this idea over at Simply Bloom and after that I was hooked. I knew I had to make a pug (I’m praying you can see a pug). My friend loves pugs and since they just got a new addition “Violet” for Christmas  I thought I’d make her some cookies. I already made her Pug Cookies and  a Pop Art Pug Cake in the past and I’m sure one more won’t hurt.

Also, be sure to check out new cookie cutter additions over at The Cookie Cutter Company. I’m loving their  new Moustache Cutter.

For the Love of Pug Cookies
To make these cookies you
heart cookie cutter, I use 2.25″ heart cutter
small painter’s
food coloring
food coloring
food coloring
food coloring
ivory food coloring
  •  Using a heart cookie cutter and a knife
    construct the dog shape cookie,bake the cookies.
  •  Ice the ear parts with light ivory icing, let
  • Using a clean brush and a touch of brown food
    coloring paint lines onto the ears.
  • If needed use a food coloring pen to give you
    more confidence and draw the line for the face

    features as a guide, then flood it with dark grey icing.
    Let dry.
  • Continue with adding more details on the
    face: pipe large white dots for eye, let crust over and then add black dots and finish with little white dot. Make the nose and mouth.
  •  Use a tiny brush and black food coloring to
    paint the eye lashes.
  •  Tip: W painting with the brush and a food
    coloring on cookies, make sure the icing on the cookie is completely dry, I
    also recommend having a piece of paper towel and water on hand.

    Dip the 
    tip of the brush in the food coloring and then in the water, use paper
    towel to remove any  excess water, you want the brush to be just very lightly
    damp not wet. This way you can also control the color intensity. Be sure not to make the cookie wet.
Using a knife cut the heart in half then attach halves to a full heart cookie , use a little bit of water to attach cookies
Flood the ears
    Paint the ears using brown food colorin

    Using  a food pen draw a piping guide for the face, then flood with icing, let dry


    Add the nose

    Add eyes : pipe large white dots let crust over, pipe small black dots,let crust and then add white dots. Using a small brush paint eyelashes

    Add a ribbon 
    Aren’t they adorable!?
    You can view more tutorials from The Cookie Cutter Company  Valentine’s Day project here :

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