Cookies & Candy Project : Decorated Hershey Kiss Cookies

Cookies & Candy Project  is back! Remember my S’mores Cookie Sticks(perfect to stirres for hot cocoa) from couple of days ago? I’m back with another fun cookie idea.
But first let me introduce the project to you. To create this project  I teamed up with  my talented blogging friend Marlyn from Montreal Confections. Each of us designed 2 sets of cookies & candy treats. You can view the first set of cookies here.
If you’d like  to know what  Marlyn from Montreal Confection is up to  today , you can view her 
3D Mini Valentine’s Love Shack Cookie. It is pretty amazing!

Hershey Kisses Cookies

When I think of candy  I usually turn to chocolate, and what better than a chocolate kiss?! (No pun intended;-))

Is that true that chocolate makes your heart grow?

To make these cookies you need:
Baked and iced cookies with royal icing
Black food coloring
Pink food coloring
White food coloring
Silver, Rainbow or White  Disco Dust
painter’s brush, water and a paper towel
crumbled plastic wrap
stencil template(how to make a stencil ) for Chocolate Hershey Kiss , I slightly modified a template from Handmade by Jade.
I used the same technique to make my Dogwood Tree Cookies.
  • Bake the cookies, ice them with one layer of icing and let dry.
  • Using a stencil and a food coloring pin, draw the Hershey Kiss shape directly onto the cookies.
  • Using grey royal icing, outline and flood the cookie, while still wet dust the kiss with disco dust. Let dry completely.
  • Using a piece of crumbled plastic wrap, lightly brush wrap with pink food coloring, then dab it gently onto a paper towel to remove the excess and then with dabbing technique, apply color to the white icing, around the kiss, avoid dabbing too closing to the kiss, leaving  a visible outline which make the  kiss to pop.
  • Using white icing, create a white paper flag, let dry.
  • Take a fine point painter’s brush dip it in the black food coloring, then dilute the color in water, dab it onto the paper towel to remove excess water and paint directly onto the cookies, shading the area, continue with lighter and darker shades of grey, adding touches of white as well. Let dry.
  • Using the same brush write KISSES onto the paper flag.
  • Package cookies into a clear bag with few Hershey Kisses Chocolates.

Using a Stencil Template, outline the shape directly onto the cookie

Hershey Kiss stencil template

Ice the kiss
Using crumbled plastic wrap with pink food coloring, dab all over the white area surrounding the kiss

Small piece of crumbled plastic wrap
With white icing add the paper flag
Using black and white food coloring and painter’s brush paint the cookie

Here is a round up for the project :

Glass Heart Cookie Locket – Montreal Confections
3D Mini Valentine’s Love Shack Cookie Montreal Confections

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