Piped White Chocolate Snowflakes

I’ve done these many times using royal icing, and though they are probably cheaper to make, chocolate snowflakes are definitely tastier; trick is to wait till the chocolate cools to the right temperature so it is easy to pipe without having it flow too fast(it is hard to control what you pipe then). Piping bag/sandwich bag filled with melted chocolate should be slightly warm/lukewarm to the touch when ready to use for piping. It is best to test how the chocolate flows through a small opening on a piece of wax paper. Melted chocolate flows fast when hot so make sure you wait till it is the right temperature/consistency to pipe or you’ll be disappointed as I have when I first tried piping with chocolate.


Chocolate Snowflakes(20-30 medium size snowflakes)
1/3 cup pure white melting wafers(I used pure white Merckens Chocolate Wafers), 
small sandwich bag or a piping bag
snowflake template
small wax paper squares
  • On a piece of a paper draw a snowflake template (you can do this by hand or use a ruler if you prefer),
  • Cut up wax paper into small squares.
  • Over the simmering water in a small heat proof bowl melt the chocolate wafer until smooth.Let cool slightly.
  • Fill the sandwich bag with the chocolate, don’t close the bag yet. Let it cool to slightly warm/lukewarm(test with finger or simple touch the outside of the piping bag).
  • Once ready, make a small opening in the corner of the sandwich bag and start piping away.
  • Use fresh wax paper square  for each snowflake, once piped lie them on a flat surface.
  • Lastly using tweezers add a little pearl in the center.
  • Let cool snowflakes without touching until firm, I usually put them into the fridge for couple of minutes until they harden. Gently peel off the wax paper and set each snowflake on a flat surface or directly onto a frosted cupcake.
  •  When ready to decorate cupcakes, simply place snowflakes on top of your frosted cupcakes. Snowflakes handle best when slightly chilled so if necessary put them into the fridge for 5 minutes before decorating cupcakes.

I used these to decorate delicious Sweet Potato Almond Cupcakes(egg free)

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