Gingham Baby Onesie Cookies

Just the other day I bought some gingham paper plates and it got me thinking that in fact I haven’t tried gingham on cookies using a stencil. I usually paint the pattern with a brush so I decided to make a simple stencil from a piece of paper (if you remember I made a similar template for my Bridal Shower Calendar cookies few years back) and I used Wilton Red Color Mist for a super easy decorating.

To Make Gingham Baby Onesie Cookies you need:
Onesie Cookie Cutter
Yellow Food Coloring
Super Red Food Coloring
Super Black Food Coloring
Paper Gingham template
Wilton Red Mist Spray
  • Using white 15 second royal icing, ice 2 sections of the onesie cookie, let dry.
  • Using a gingham template, position template onto the cookie and spray with Red Mist Spray, carefully lift the template let the cookie dry for a few minutes and then reposition template and spray again to achieve gingham design.
  • Fill the remaining area on the cookie with white 15 second icing.Let dry.
  • To make the flowers: using white icing pipe little tear drop shapes in a circle. Let crust slightly, for about 5 minutes.Then pipe a yellow  dot in the center to finish the flower.
  • Using red – 15 second icing, pipe a large red dot onto the cookie, immediately pipe small dots onto the red dot using black icing Let red dot crust over for 5 minutes then pipe a small black dot for the ladybug head.
  • Using a food pan draw dashes line onto the cookie. Let dry. 

Aren’t they super cute!?

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  1. OMG! Too Precious! Thanks for the inspiration, these will be perfect for our upcoming Baby-Q! Love!

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