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Church Gingerbread Centerpiece


Today I wanted to show you another  gingerbread centerpiece I made for the Holidays. 
You can see my Snowflake Centerpiece here.
I had the Church cutter since last year, but I’ve never used it before.I think I will give it a go for  some sugar cookies this year. It is such a pretty image.
 I have few more of these to decorate and assemble; unfortunately I ran out of royal icing, so I’ll have to make some more and hopefully finish them tonight or tomorrow. Design of the next centerpiece is coming along really nicely, it looks really cute so far.

I have all the gingerbread  pieces on my kitchen island and every time I walk by  I can smell them, it is really wonderful and it just reminds me that Christmas will be here before I know it.

Happy Holiday Decorating

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  1. Oh, I love these centre pieces, the church looks fabulous!! I can just imagine the scent of gingerbread in your kitchen. I wish I could make them here but fear I would definitely lose my war with the ants!

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