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Christmas Holly Tree Cookies

Aren’t these cute! Little Holly Tree Cookies. I’ve been on a cookie kick lately. It’s been fun to be able to create some new designs this year. I hope you are enjoying my posts and cookies.

To make Holly Tree Cookies you need:

Tree shaped cookie cutter

Gel food colorings, I use mint, leaf green and red.
Green Extra Fine Tip Food Pen by Wilton

  • Bake the cookies, let them cool.
  • Decorate cookies, first flood the cookies with mint – leaf, icing, let dry.
  • Add details with outline consistency icing- holly leaves with leaf green.
  • Add a red berry, one at a time. Wait about 10 minutes before adding another berry.
  • Once leaves are dry, draw on them with food pen.
  • Pipe white tree stump. Let dry.
Wood Board used in the picture is from Save on Crafts

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