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A Picket Fence Cookie


 I don’t know about you but I haven’t done all my Christmas shopping yet, I’m going out tonight to deliver some cookies and then off to the stores full of people. Yesterday I almost got run over by a  cart in the Grocery store so I’m hoping I’ll make it home safely today. Wish me luck.

I live in a farm country with plentiful fences around and during Christmas property owners decorate their fences with fresh garlands, wreaths or red bows in a very festive style. 

Cookie Facts:
Best Chocolate Cookie Recipe by LilaLoa
Royal Icing
Food coloring Pen, fine tip Wilton
White Sanding Sugar
Food gel colors by Americolor
Disco Dust(optional)

Outline and flood cookie, let dry.

Pipe fence.

Flooding technique for making the fence.

Continue flooding rest of the fence

Add a wreath

Draw wood grain details onto the dry fence using food coloring pen-black color, I used Wilton Fine Tip Pen

After wreath detail is dry, pipe white “snow”onto the fence, sprinkle with white sanding sugar for added texture.
Add bird house using red and black royal icing, let dry.
Add bow center onto the wreath, let dry.

Pipe rest of the red bow, sprinkle with luster dust if desired.Let dry
Add snow details to the bird house and sprinkle with sanding sugar.


~Happy Holidays~

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