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Chai Latte Concentrate

I love the smell of fresh coffee but unfortunately I can’t drink it much, though my taste buds enjoy it, my stomach not so much. I suspect my tea drinker’s fate was set on the night of busy studying at University when I drank lots of  strong black  coffee to stay awake…though I did well in the exam my stomach said no more to coffee and so I slowly turned to tea. I’m a vivid tea drinker and I should probably get my teeth whitened very soon.;-) My tea collection is occupying one whole kitchen cabinet, I know how much tea can one drink right? Usually I drink my tea straight, no distractions, but not always, depends on the mood.
I’ve always loved tea, we drank it a lot while kids, usually sweetened with honey and touch of lemon.Mostly teas we drank were made from flowers or mint leaves that had been left to dry. This reminds me of a funny and delicious story from the past.



When I think of tea I often think of one memorable dinner,
a delicious tea story that always makes me smile and I think of my father, potato pancakes and lots of Basswood  Blossom Tea. For those of you who are not familiar with Basswood Blossom Tea(or Linden Tree Blossom Tea), this  is a deliciously tasting tea, it is naturally sweet and has a smooth taste and  is pleasantly aromatic as well, it is made from  the blossoms of the basswood tree that have been dried,  it has a wonderful quality as  a natural remedy to treat cold, induce a good night sleep and calm the digestive system. This is without doubt one of my favorite teas.
Back to the dinner.  My mom was working that night and my father  decided to make us  dinner, our family, we love fried potato pancakes and so he made us potato pancakes and I’m not sure if this was the first time my dad made them or the amount of salt that went into these was just an accidental.They were  super salty.Kitchen table was set and  I remember how my dad made us basswood tea and poured it into a porcelain tea pot decorated with little painted flowers, he poured us each a cup. I remember this pot very well, it was so hard to clean the inside, always stained from all the tea that went through.Tea was sweet with a touch of lemon. We drank it hot while eating fried potato pancakes. Once my brother and I tasted the fried potato pancakes we realized they were really salty but we kept eating them, flushing the saltiness down with  lots of basswood blossom tea, until we ran out of tea. My father made more tea  and we all enjoyed the dinner.From then on my father was the one making the fried potato pancakes and I can assure you they were never as salty , and we never drank that much tea again.:-)

I like to experiment with different teas, I enjoy fruit teas in Winter, herb teas all year long, I like chamomile,  lemon tea with ginger when I have a cold, I have variety of green teas, and my darling just bought me new Green Blueberry Tea. It smells  divine and I decided to use it to make my  Chai Latte Concentrate


I don’t usually drink sweet drinks but I have to say  I really enjoy Chai Latte made from this concentrate as it offers just the right amount of sweetness that I like.



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