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Camera Cookies

It has become kind of a tradition, every year I make a birthday cake and/or cookies for my friends’ kids. Tyler is 14 and Katie is 12.
Katie is into photography.  I made her a set of photography inspired cookies. I will be sharing them all on the blog. Here is the whole set. Today though let’s focus on Camera Cookies.

To make Camera Cookies you need:

Rectangle Cookie Cutter
Round Shape Cookie Cutters  to make the lens
Hexagonal Cookie Cutter– love this set
Sugar  Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing
15 second Icing – gray,teal, black, white, red(can be slightly thinner than 15sec)
Outline/ Piping consistency – black
Food Colorings
Teal Food Coloring by Wilton
Stainless Steel Needle Tool
Super Fine Edible Marker
Americolor Edible Markers – yellow and sky blue is used in the video
FooDoodlers Edible Markers

Camera Cookies Video Tutorial

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