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Butterfly Wedding Cookies


 We are in the peak of Wedding Season and today’s post is all about Wedding cookies.
Anne from Flour Box Bakery had a really cool idea for a super fun cookie collaborative project and she invited me to be a part of it. Yay. Are you excited? You should be.  A group of cookie artists took on a  fun Wedding Cookie challenge. Anne asked us all to pick up a copy of May Issue of BRIDES Magazine, flip through it, get inspired, bake the cookies and decorate.
For my cookies I combined 2 separate inspiration sources, one from page #154 and another one from page #194, as seen below
Image scanned from BRIDES MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE  


  • I started with a plain white  flooded  chocolate sugar cookie
  • Continue with green icing, I piped  lines to resemble flower pattern on the invitation seen in the inspiration image
  • Once my flower pattern was done I added different size dots all over the remaining area 
  • Lastly I applied dry pearl luster dust to my dry cookie design
  • This is a very simple  modern design that truly anyone can do



Butterfly Wedding Cookies


Interested to see more Wedding Cookies from this project? You can check out all the participating cookie artists and their inventive cookie designs here. What you’ll find  there will leave you in amazement, along with the beautiful images you can  also visit each artists’ page(see the list below the following image)  and learn about their cookie inspiration .Thank You Anne for putting this project together and for
asking me to be a part of it.


1. Hani — Haniela’s
3. Lorraine — Lorraine’s Cookies 

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