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Broccoli Nutmeg

I remember my first time making this dish at my mom’s house; I was 16 or 17, just starting to experiment more with recipes.As you’ll see this is a really super  easy dish to make and I love the flavors, nutmeg adds that little extra that you need. I avoid adding other spices as I want the nutmeg to shine. I eat it alone but recently found out that egg over easy is a perfect companion. Yum.
Broccoli Nutmeg
Broccoli (about 3 cups of steamed and chopped broccoli, I like to chop it more  finely than rough)
1tsp butter and 1tbl olive oil for sauteeing
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
1tbl flour or cornstarch
1cup liquid(I used leftover liquid from steaming, but you can also use chicken broth or water)
olive oil
salt, pepper
nutmeg, I always use freshly ground, I use Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester

  • Steam broccoli the way you’d normally do it.
  • I usually do this in the microwave, I use a shallow dish, fill it with some water, put uncooked broccoli in the dish, sprinkle with salt and drizzle some olive oil on the top, but not whole lot just a tiny bit for flavor. Cook on high for about 5-6 minutes until tender. Depends on your microwave.
  • Take the broccoli out, be careful it will be steaming hot. Strain the broccoli, reserving the fluid. We will you the fluid later so don’t discard it.
  • Let the broccoli cool a little and then chop it, I like to chop it finely, but still leaving some room for a bite.Set aside.
  • In a small dish, combined together 1 cup liquid( I use the left over liquid from the steaming, if you find that you don’t have enough, add water or chicken broth instead) and1tbl flour or cornstarch. This will work as a thickening agent for our broccoli dish.
  • In a large skillet or sauce pan, melt 1tsp butter with 1tbl olive oil  sautee finally chopped onion until it get translucent and it  you see it is starting to get little golden in color.
  • Add your chopped broccoli to the pan, and stir until combined, at this point season with salt, pepper. 
  • Cooking on medium heat and stirring constantly add your thickening agent that you prepared before.
  • Add freshly ground nutmeg, I like to add about 1/4tsp or so. Taste, season with salt, pepper.
  • Once the dish thickens, cook for about a minute or two
  • Carefully taste, and season if desired
Tips: You can also sprinkle some cheese on the top, serve with greek yogurt  or sour cream on the side.
I find that this dish is even better next day. I love it alone or with an egg over easy.

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  1. That means your broccoli is cooked till soft? Usually, i just stir fry my broccoli so that there's still some crunch in it. Have to try your recipe and taste from a different perspective! 😀

  2. I use nutmeg in my cookie recipe but I have never grated nutmeg. May have to buy some the next time I am at Penzeys!

  3. We love broccoli around here! Your sweet posts get my blood flowing and the savory make my stomach growl! I want this for breakfast! ♥

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