Green and White Easter Cookies



 Sometimes when deciding on colors for my cookies I feel lost. I felt this way when making these,  my mind was  all over the place trying to figure out what  I  was going to do with these. See, all  I knew was that I wanted to use 2 colors, something really simple,  and I finally decided to use green and white. I thought it was a suitable choice for the Spring.
As you’ll see designs are very simple.
I’ll guide you through each one individually.
 For the Chicks I decided to go with  a super simple loop design, which is pretty much timeless, you can add it to any cookie and it will look good, ice cream cones, hearts, squares, moon, gingerbread people, snowflakes…
Following  design was inspired by a table cloth that I saw in the magazine; simply paint stripes with green luster dust to create the effect. Detailed tutorial can be found here.It is simple and effective.
For my bunnies I wanted to avoid painting/piping the face and so I decided to combine 2 techniques.
Brushed embroidery and Cornelli lace
My last design is the Pussywillow Easter Egg. My favorite of all.
Very simple and elegant.
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  1. These are so very pretty! They caught my eye over at TidyMom out of that whole bunch of links. Really stunning!

  2. Beautifully done Hani. I've had trouble with green and white bleeding together even with waiting 24-hours between colors. Yours look perfect!

  3. The pussy willow egg in all of its green glory is simple and elegant. I love every millimeter of the design!

  4. THank you so much for your kind words. I was really happy with my color choice as well.
    Bunnies and pussy willow are my favorite as well.

  5. Hani! These are gorgeous! I already baked and decorated my easter cookies, but these ones make me want to go back to the kitchen and start baking…Thks for sharing your wonderful and inspiring work!

  6. These are stunning! I am in love with those bunnies, the brushed design is just enough not to take over the completely.

  7. These are all so beautiful, especially as a set. They look wonderful and so perfect for Spring.
    But I am in LOVE with those pussywillows. Absolutely perfect design. Just stunning. x

  8. Oh Hani, I love all of these (the green is perfect!) but those pussywillows are OUTSTANDING!! So lovely for Spring!!! :o)

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