Bridal Shower Cookies



These are the cookies I made for Cristin, winner of the Giveaway. Her daughter is getting married and is having a bridal shower. Theme is pink and brown. I noticed that in pictures it looks like black but in fact it is dark brown. 
I have to admit I struggled with these. I really didn’t know what to make. Cristin’s daughter has a Wedding blog and so I took a peak and found a picture of the engagement ring and designed a cookie based on it.



 Couple has agreed to use a last name – combination of their last names,  they will use it after they marry.So this next design is about that. E.


Last was the design that I struggled with the most. I had this idea in my had having big  & and either Mr. & Mrs. or their initials on the sides. Well this is what I came up with. 
M & I stands for Mellissa and Irik
Cookie cutter I used for this specific cookie was a giveaway prize at  Lilaloa. Finally I got to use it and I love it. Thank you so much Georganne for make it for me.

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  1. Thank you so much everyone.
    Cristin, it was my pleasure.
    paddle attachment, thank you, I wish I knew your real name. šŸ™‚
    Skye, I used 2 techniques, one letter was a transfer, others I wrote the letters with edible markers first and then piped over them.:-))
    My hands shake too.
    Classic Style thank you.
    Pam, I hope it will make their day a little more special.
    Renee, thank you so much for noticing off set, I think it makes it more interesting.
    Micki, actually I do get this question more often than I'd ever imagined. Story is simply, my grandfather called me Haniela and then it somehow became very dear to me. I go by Hani too. Haniela is pronounced like you'd Daniela, but with H.
    Sue, always a pleasure to see you here.
    1-2 Punch, thank you, sure you can. Please use one picture and link back to this post. Thank you.

  2. A beautiful gift in itself, I would like to post these on my most recent post I am doing a series on wedding, shower and graduation punch recipes, do I have your permission, and of course link back to you?

  3. Love the ring cookie…sparkle is beautiful.

    Here's a question you don't get every day.
    How do you pronounce your name? Is it
    Han..ee..la ?
    Does it have a special meaning or is there a story behind it? Thanks.

  4. Great looking cookies Hani! I really love how you visited her bog for inspiration and came up with the ring idea. Making it off-set on the cookie makes it really unusual and eye appealing too.
    I never heard of couples fusing their two last names together to make one new one. Very interesting. Any who, your cookies are really great!!!

  5. These are beautiful Hani. Your script is wonderful, the ring is beautiful and the glitter is the perfect touch. The happy couple will be delighted!

  6. Beautiful!!!!

    On the initial cookies….are the letters a transfer or did you do it directly on the cookie? My hands would be shaking the whole time!! So pretty and exact..how did you do it?

  7. Lovely! I really like your bright colors. They're a wonderful and unexpected surprise for a bridal shower!

  8. GORGEOUS Hani! Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how excited I am! Mellissa is going to LOVE these gorgeous cookies and it is so exciting that you made them for us! I seriously can't wait!!! Thank you so much for this incredibly thoughtful and generous gift for my daughter's bridal shower next weekend. I'm so very appreciative!!!

  9. Thank you Lorraine.
    Those dots are my favorite too. Simple, yet effective.
    On the ring I added a bit of disco dust just to clear diamond part to make it sparkle a little and and then I painted rest of the gems with blue luster dust and the whole ring was painted with silver luster dust and then details on the clear diamond where painted with pearl luster dust and then the whole cookie got a pearl luster dust finish, you can use spray or I used a wide fluffy brush to apply the dust.

  10. These look beautiful. They are a lucky couple to receive such a present. I love the dots you used with the E cookie . Do you use just luster dust when you paint the ring and the letters? Or do you use a combination luster dust and disco dust? Do you also use it after the letters are dry?

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