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Zucchini Broccoli Carrot Feta Fritters

Zucchini Broccoli Carrot Feta  Fritters

Hello Everyone,
today I prepared  delicious Fritters using  grated  zucchini, chopped broccoli, grated carrots,feta cheese and  I added some healthy oats, ground flax seeds,  garlic, parsley, chives and basil. Delicious Veggies!

1 medium size zucchini / well washed with vegetable scrubbing brush/
3 medium carrots
1 broccoli head medium size
red paprika
 1 to 2 garlic cloves
2tbl fresh parsley /finely chopped/
1tbl fresh chives /finely chopped/
1tbl fresh basil /finely chopped/
1tbl flour
3 – 4 tbl feta cheese, crumbled.
2tbl oats
1tbl ground flax seeds
olive oil


 When chopping herbs, I try to use the leaves only, I find the stems to be too hard. Here is the example of parsley. I picked the leaves, to chop them up, I rolled several leaves and using a sharp knife I chopped them into thin slices.


I love meals that are put together in one big bowl, this recipe is one of them. Grate whole zucchini, carrots.
Cook broccoli in a microwave on high for about 3 minute, chop it  finely.
To grated vegetables add salt, pepper, red paprika,egg, flour, oats, ground flax seeds, pressed garlic, finely chopped herbs. Herbs are really fabulous, they add that little love touch to all the dishes. I used fresh herbs, but you can as well use dry just remember the ratio 1 fresh :1/3 dry.

Combine all the ingredients together, season to taste.
Using a medium size skillet, heat about 1-2 tbl olive oil. Key to the delicious fritters is a sizzling hot hot  pan. You want the oil to be hot when you make these. I used 1tbl of batter to measure the fritters, using an offset  silicone spatula flip fritters and cook on other side until crispy.To cook each fritter takes about 5 minutes, 2.5 on each size. Cooking time also depends on the size of the fritters.Even with minimum oil being used here, I always lay freshly cooked fritters on the paper towel,it helps to absorb residue fat being used in cooking.

Serve with your favorite salad and enjoy.




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  1. I'll be trying these soon. I've made them with zucchini, potatoes, and spinach, but never with broccoli and carrots. Thank you for the idea. šŸ™‚

  2. I've just bookmarked this for when our summer comes šŸ™‚ They sound delicious & use 'zucchini' something we always have in excess!!

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