Tomato Tree

It’s been so long since I posted any new pictures from our Beautiful Garden. It has grown so much, we harvested lots of broccoli, scallions are delicious this year, peas had reached over 9 ft(we took them out as their producing season ended in late June), some of the beans have overgrown the garden, cherry tomatoes are looking especially great, zucchini and squash are smiling at us,  it’s been an eventful garden year so far.
Garden keeps me busy that’s for sure. I’ve frozen lots of peas, beans, and already made pickled cucumbers, today I’ll be dealing with tons of beans that we have to pick and I have a huge zucchini  sitting on the counter so I’ll probably make zucchini soup . You see, I’m hardly ever bored around here.
Today I wanted to show you our Tomato Tree.
Isn’t it cool?
I can’t wait for it to be covered with all the cherry tomatoes, it will be like Christmas in July.
Last year we had an amazing Tomato crop, and I’m hoping  pretty soon I’ll be  showing you images of Tomatoes from this year’s crop.

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