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Thank You Cookies

Say Thank You with a Cookie!
That is what Lisa from Lisa Smiley Photography was thinking when she contacted me about this order.
Lisa is an amazingly talented Photographer covering Sacramento and surrounding areas, you can see her amazing work on her website Lisa Smiley Photography.

Main inspiration for these designs was drawn from Lisa’s Logo, including bird shape as well as colors.

To pipe pink bird I used the same technique as when making my Dogwood Tree Cookies, but with a bird shape and you use the template directly on a bare cookie.Sorry I meant to take a picture but forgot.

After you pipe and flood the bird image you are ready to move on the large area of green.
Once the icing is dry add dotted border.

When writing on a cookie I sometimes use a little help to keep my line straight as I’m naturally going either uphill or downhill. I could never write straight.





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