Sparkling Sanding Sugar

Let’s make cookies sparkle!
I love using sanding sugar on cookies. It makes them pop. Even if you just ice  them with white royal icing and sprinkle sanding sugar on top. It is an easy and effective way to decorate cookies.
I decided to add a touch of disco dust to sanding sugar and use it for all my cookie sugar dipping or sprinkling needs.It worked. They sparkle.
Sparkling Sanding Sugar for cookies, cupcakes and more
Sanding Sugar, by AH Cake Design
Silver, Rainbow or White  Disco Dust 
  • Simply add a touch of disco dust to sanding sugar, stir and use as desired.

Add a touch of disco dust to white sanding sugar.
Sparkling Sanding Sugar.
Sanding Sugar versus granulated Sugar
Sanding sugar has larger crystals than typical granulated sugar you buy in the grocery store. Larger
crystals  of sanding sugar reflect light of their facets, and so  when using on cookies sanding sugar makes
cookies glisten. Also, sanding sugar will not dissolve immediately when exposed to
liquid like granulated sugar, instead it sticks to any moist or warm surface. Sanding sugar
can be added to cookies right after they were baked, while still hot.
You can purchase  sanding sugar in specialty stores, or online.

Sanding Sugars at :
The Baker’s Kitchen 
Ultimate Baker
Copper Gifts
Fondant Source
Country Kitchen
Milk Country Store
Karen’s Cookies
Signature Sweet Shop
AH Cake Design

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  1. Great idea! I love disco dust and I love sanding sugar but I never thought to combine the two. The more sparkle the better!

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