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Plum Nectarine Sorbet

Plum Nectarine Sorbet

Don’t know about you but for me..with Summer – Ice Cream season starts…this year I’ve decided to try a variety of recipes from the book that I bought years ago and never really got to try any recipes. Few days ago I decided to try my hand in home made sorbet, I used fruit that I had on hand, plums and nectarines. I really love testing new things, plus after I take the photos I get to eat it as well. Cool and refreshing sorbet doesn’t reside in my freezer anymore, but I’m already thinking about another sorbet short term tenant.

 Plum Nectarine Sorbet Recipe / recipe adapted from THE ICE CREAM BOOK by Joanna Farrow and Sara Lewis/

1 pound ripe plums/washed and cut up in halves, pitted/
1/4 pound nectarines /washed, cut up, pitted/
scant 2 cups water
2/3 cup sugar or honey / I used 1/3 of a cup as fruit was very sweet/
1 egg white / I used meringue powder, ratio for one egg white = 2tsp meringue powder + 2 tbl water/

-Put the fruit in the saucepan, add 2/3 cup of water, bring to boil and let simmer until fruit is very tender, about 20 minutes.
-Pour remaining water into a second saucepan, add sugar/or honey/ and bring to boil and stir until all the sugar is dissolved, let simmer for about  4-5minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.
-Pour all the fruit into a blender and blend, until smooth and liquery. Pour into a bowl.
-Add the cooled sugar syrup to your pureed fruit. Pour the mixture into a prepared container/make sure it fits in your freezer/ and freeze for about an hour. After one hour take the container out and remix the mixture with the fork and add one egg white. I substituted raw egg white for powdered version- Meringue powder.One raw egg white equals to 2tsp powdered meringue +2tbl water. Return container into the freezer, cover tightly, and freeze for 6 hours, until firm. Scoop into the glasses and enjoy immediately. Delicious and very refreshing.

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