Pen Pals Meet after 20 years

Usually I stir away from posting personal stuff, but this is just too sweet not to share it. Maybe it will inspire you to search for your friends  whom you haven’t heard of or seen in many years.
Nearly 20 years ago, when growing up in Europe, I just shook my head in disbelieve,but yes, that is how long it’s been. I had a friend pen pal Rachel. We were pen pals for quite some time, I remember the excitement every time I got a letter from America. As we got older we shifted apart, until…
What do you know ?! Facebook’s been invented and Rachel did a search using my name…and this past Wednesday I got an email saying: “Do you remember me?”.I have to tell you I was hysterical…I mean in a good way, of course. How exciting!!! Today  4 days later after the first email, for the first time Rachel and I met,  we  had a wonderful lunch in our back yard. Rachel  has a wonderful family, husband, two adorable children and a puppy.

Today was a great day. I found a lost friend.♥♥♥


In case you are wondering…
on the Menu:
– grilled homemade pork kielbasa /yes, we make our own kielbasa/sausage/
-grilled  zucchini – fresh from our garden.
-grilled potatoes
-tomatoes and cucumbers
– pasta salad with beans, chicken, parsley, chives/fresh from our garden/, light mayo, lemons zest, lemon juice, salt pepper, pinch of sugar
-chocolate and strawberry swirl ice cream  from Tanner Brothers – without a doubt the best ice cream in the area. Tanner Brothers
-sweet bread  fruit cheese tartlets, assortment included : blueberry, strawberry, cherry, nectarine -made fresh in the morning, when making these I found myself thinking  of a wonderful  movie Under the Tuscan Sun.

I picked these early in the morning, I almost felt like Barefoot Contessa in her back yard..picking fruit for lunch.;-)) It really can’t get better than this. Fresh Fresh Fresh. Beans are doing really well as well.

I love blueberries, and cherries, I got them at a local farm.

I hope I didn’t leave you too too hungry, but don’t worry in my next post I’ll show you those delicious tartlets I made…oh they were wonderful and I will introduce you to our garden ” Morning Sunshine and Piggie’s Delight”

Have a fabulous week everyone.
Thanks for stopping by and checking what is happening in my little corner of the world.

I’d love to  hear your stories, if you have similar ones, of finding a lost friend.


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  1. Thank you ladies for stopping by.
    I'm pretty fond of our backyard, it is so relaxing.
    It was fantastic to get reunited with Rachel, I hope to see them again soon.

    Fruits tarts almost all gone, only 2 or 3 left in the freezer. Glory if you hurry up …you can still make it before they are gone.

    Val, oh really, now I wish you lived closer.

  2. P.S.) I didn't realize, all the times I've looked at/commented on your photos, that you're in Pennsylvania too. 🙂 I live in Pittsburgh now, did my freshman year of college in Millersville (outside of Lancaster) on your side of the state. 🙂

  3. How wonderful, all of it. 🙂 What a sweet thing to have reconnected with your dear old friend, and it looks like a beautiful–and certainly memorable–meal together. 🙂 I'm happy for you. Love, Val (val*jean on flickr)

  4. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story with us! And it looks like you all enjoyed a beautiful summer feast!! I can't wait to see the fruit tarts!

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