Monogrammed Engagement Cookies

 I’m so glad weekend is over, it was a full scale roller coaster. Saturday we were helping a friend to move, then later spent 9 hours editing photos till 1am, then Sunday morning leaving for Philly to work on  2 wish projects, with Make a Wish designer, got home around 6pm, once again working on photos till midnight, finished at 4pm on Monday. All is good all is well. I’m beat but happy we managed to do all we said we would.
Spring has sprung, it is definite, daffodils are all around, our peas are coming out, master gardener is planting beans as I write.:-)
Well, back to my today’s post.
Few weeks ago I made a Silver and White Engagement Desserts and today I’m going to show you how I made the cookies for this spread, including my own stencil.
Design was based on a cake design that I did, bottom tier had stripes so I wanted to incorporate this style into a cookie as well.
 I decided to go with a round cookie, about 3  inches in diameter.
I iced them with royal icing and let them dry completely over the course of several hours.
Then I prepared my  “PAINT” – I used a mixture of Wilton Silver Pearl Dust
 and a tiny bit of Rainbow Disco Dust, 3 grams
. I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to my painted details. I mixed this mixture with McCormick Pure Orange Extract, 1-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6)
. Detailed tutorial on how to use luster dust can be found here. Using a fine brush I painted the stripes onto a dry icing. Let dry completely.
Once I painted all the cookies with stripes,  I was ready to apply my stencil.
Last year I bought a Stencil cutter, originally for wood edging but I found out I could also use it for  my cookie making, how cool, right?
I trace my shape onto a stencil blank and then using a stencil cutter, using a fine tip and following a traced image I cut out a stencil. Bear in mind that stencil cutter gets very hot, I use an old wooden cutting board underneath when I’m working with it. You can also use an Exacto Knife.
 to make the stencil.
you need:
stiff royal icing
small angled spatula
Position your stencil onto a cookie, holding gently in place with one hand, using your other hand  apply royal icing with a small angled spatula. Make sure you apply icing  in one direction.
When using Stencils I always like to practice before I do the application directly onto a cookie.
I practiced when I made my Beatles Cookies as well, you can see here. You can practice using a wax paper.
You will need to wash the stencil several times while stenciling your cookies, this is normal, it helps to get the clean stenciled design onto the cookie
After I had my cookie stenciled I wanted to apply all the details, these were all hand piped using royal icing and then painted with Silver luster dust.

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  1. THank you so so much ladies.
    I was so happy with these, my favorite of the year..well now that I made the Beatles cookies, they are on the top:-)
    Sue, Can't wait.:-) Thank you for ordering them, they really made my day.

  2. Stunning cookies. Thanks for the luster dust tips. Love the look of it added to cookies. I will post soon about your Beatles cookies:)

  3. This are just stunning, Hani! I think that I may need to play with this idea sometime. It is just so elegant and lovely! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. This is an amazing tuto! The cookies are beautiful even in plain silver! Thanks for sharing your work with us, Hani, I know it's not easy!

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