Classy Cookies for 50th Birthday



A friend of mine is going to a 50th Birthday Party tomorrow  and she asked me to make  some cookies. It is a gag party and so I presented several gag ideas to her and though this one is not so much gag  as it  is classy  she liked this  more than gag designs. You should see some of the other designs, denture floating in the glass of water, hearing device, over the hill crossing sign..etc. I’m actually really glad she picked this one  and I think she is too, they are classy  but not boring.
As for the design I can’t really take the credit as it came off the T-shirt. Funny thing is when you search for gag party ideas all kinds of silly things will come up, most of them not usable for cookies at all. 
People put all kinds of things on their T-shirts and so I searched  a gag t-shirt idea and this one really caught my eye. I changed the color a bit to make it  suitable for the man of the hour.
My biggest concern was the writing, as  it had to be  kind  of fancy, I don’t own a kopycake so everything is done freehand and I used small sandwich bags for writing.
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