How To Freeze Cookies

I always have couple of boxes with cookies in the freezer. Usually basic cut outs like rounds, hearts, they are adaptable to many decorating designs, and also they are easily layered into the boxes. My number one choice are, of course freshly baked cookies but frozen ones are not bad either. I was really skeptical about freezing cookies.  Not anymore, it works. With holidays coming straight at us and cookie demand doubling, if not tripling, freezing is a great way to plan. You can freeze fresh unbaked cookie dough, unbaked cookie cut outs and also baked cut outs, to suit your needs.
I prepared a short video that demonstrated how I package cookies for freezing. You can view it below.

Supplies you need to package cookies for freezing

Freezer safe containers
Freezer Ziploc bags
Food safe plastic wrap
Freshly baked cookies, cooled

How long can I freeze the cookies for?
Up to 3 months.
How to defrost frozen cookies?
Defrost cookies at room temperature, on the counter. Leave the cooking packaged while defrosting.
Can I freeze raw cookie dough?
Yes you can, follow the same guidelines as for freezing cookies.
Can I freeze cookies decorated with royal icing?
Personally I haven’t tried this, but my friends have and they all tell me  even cookies decorated with royal icing can be frozen. Freezing can affect royal icing little bit, there maybe some spots formed on the icing but otherwise they are edible.

Plastic wrap provides extra protection from freezer burn and also it helps to seal in the freshness of your cookies.

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