Fork Bunny Cookies

Today’s post is all about Easy Cookie Decorating . Super easy. It is all about having fun with your kids. Take cookies, icing and a fork and have some fun. Decorate cookies with  ease. Make memories and eat cookies.

To make Fork Bunnies you need:
2.5 inch across Bunny cookies( Bunny Cutter I used is from www.ahcakedesign.com)
Round cookies for the base
Royal icing – stiff consistency
Clean painter’s brush (never use a brush that you use before for a non food project)
Crumbled plastic wrap
Pretty ribbon- for decorations only
  • Bake the cookies, let them cool.
  • Make royal icing, stiff consistency. This technique won’t work if you use icing that is too thin.
  • Divide icing  into bowls. Color icing with desired food colors. Cover each bowl with a damp paper towel while you work, to prevent icing drying out, or seal the bowls with lids.
  • Using a brush apply a layer of icing on the bunny, then take a fork and run the fork through the icing, creating a decorative pattern. Let the icing dry/harden.
  • To decorate base- round cookie, take a piece of plastic wrap, garther it into a loose ball.
  • Using a brush apply royal icing onto the round cookie then take the plastic wrap and dab the icing around, covering the cookie, creating  a grass like texture. You can add a few dots of white icing to give it a marbled effect.
  • Position bunny cookie on top of the wet grass and let green icing dry. Bunny should stand on its own, if it falls over support it with bamboo sticks from each side  of the cookie and let the piece undisturbed until icing dries and bunny can stand without falling over.
  • See how these cookie are made in my VIDEO TUTORIAL

Cute and super easy Fork Bunny Cookies

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