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Grilled Snow Peas with Peaches and Raisins

 I love to grill, not only everything tastes better when grilled it is also fun. 
Last night I put together a super fast meal  from fresh snow peas, peaches and raisins. It was delicious.
Grilled Snow Peas with Peaches and Raisins

(about 4 servings if used as a side dish, if used as a meal this will yield one serving)

About 1/2 pound(200grams +) snow peas, washed and trimmed
1peach, cored and sliced
2tbl raisins
2 tbl olive oil
kosher salt
 ground pepper
pinch of :
DRY Seasoning – marjoram,coriander,onion powder,rosemary, crushed coriander seed, white mustard, paprika
1/2tsp honey or sugar
2tbl freshly chopped chives
2-3 cloves of garlic – pressed
1-2tsp lime juice or lemon juice
Combine the marinade ingredients and  pour over washed and trimmed snow peas, stir gently to coat the peas.Add raisins and peach. Grill the peas in an aluminum foil container. Grill them until they reach the softness you like, test with a fork. I like my peas to be crunchy but if you prefer them softer grill them for longer.
I really felt like I was getting a meal and a dessert in one, peaches and raisins offered a little bit of sweetness in this dish, I really welcomed this change and it was beautiful to look at too.

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  1. This is the second post I've seen on grilled peaches! They look great and I really have to try this sometime. I love snow peas! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend Hani.

  2. Dzoli, we hope to have peas from our garden this week, I should be posting some Garden photos this week, everything has grown so much, it is such a joy to watch.
    I love snow peas, they are delicious. I like them alone as well but thought it would be a nice change of flavors with fruit. It was delicious

  3. What a coincidence.Just harvested my last snow peas.I like them in stir fry's and baked by them self.They are so crunchy and sweet.Yes, sweet that brings me to your original recepie.I admit never tried it with seet stuff.But why not .It looks delicious;)

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