Princess Tiara Cupcakes

After last month’s Princess Video Collaboration I  thought I’d stick with the princess theme for one more post, making a mini piped chocolate princess tiara and decorating a cupcake with it. I made an easy to follow video tutorial on how to make the chocolate tiara, and also a full cupcake assembly.
This was my first time using brown floret baking cups, they are a tiny bit  smaller than your traditional cupcake liner. They are really sturdy and absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving them.
I got mine from Bake it Pretty.

To make Princess Tiara Cupcakes you need

Brown Floret Baking Cups – from www.bakeitpretty.com/
Rainbow Disco Dust from www.ahcakedesign.com
Chocolate Wafers by Merckens or Candy Melts by Wilton
Sugar Diamonds – Video Tutorial
Tiara Template – picture is below
Cupcake Recipe, I used my Velvet Pound Cake(half the recipe and get about 16-18 cupcakes)
Wilton 1M Tip to frost the cupcakes
Cut up cardboard paper towel tube, to shape the tiara
Wax paper pieces
How to Make Chocolate Tiara

Sugar Diemons are made from Isomalt Sticks, you can learn how to make them in my Video Tutorial


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