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Christmas Dove Gingerbread Centerpiece

Image of dove has been part of Christmas  for many years, centuries actually. It symbolizes peace, purity, love and freedom.
I wanted to recreate Christmas Dove symbol into a cookie centerpiece, using gingerbread dough, icing and sanding sugar. Here is what I came up with.

To make Dove Centerpiece you need:
Gingerbread dough for centerpieces and constructions, bakes hard, not recommended for eating.
Or you can also use any of these cookie recipes,
these are all edible. Keep in mind, cookie dough containing a baking
powder/baking soda may change cookies in  size slightly once baked.
You need dove, Holly Leaf Cookie Cutter and a template cookie cutter for the base. Size of the base  depends on how long you make the holly branch so it can fit comfortable on the base.
Gel food colorings
Painter’s Brush
  • Make a small rope shape/branch from the cookie dough(roll the dough with the palms of your hands), cut out holly leaves.
  • Using little bit of water attach holly leaves onto the branch. Bake cookies formed on  piece of rolled parchment, I used 2 metal cookie molds sprayed with nonstick spray.
  • Once cookies are baked leave them cool completely on your molding support.
  • Once cool you can decorate cookies.
  • I ended up outlining holly leaves and then using a small brush  I spread  the icing to coat the cookie. Let the icing dry.
  • Ice the base cookies  and dove cookies with  icing.
  • Pipe  details onto holly leaves, let dry and then paint with gold luster dust. If you are not familiar with luster dust, visit my Luster Dust Tutorial,look under Wet Application.
  • If needed use a template as a guide to pipe the wing on the dove. Let it dry and then paint with luster dust.
  • Ice a piece of a holly branch and sprinkle with sparkling sanding sugar.
  • Using several support pieces like crumbled plastic wrap or aluminum foil to assemble the centerpiece, using stiff royal icing.
  • Don’t forget to attach branch onto the base with icing as well.
  • Let dry and enjoy.

Bake holly leaf branch
Centerpiece cookies
Decorating holly leaves
Using a painter’s brush spread the icing thinly onto the leaves

Add details and paint with gold luster dust

I’m giving most of my centerpieces as gifts to our friends but these 2 I’m keeping. I enjoy looking at them. There is something serene about them.They have a calming nature.

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