Apple Pudding in a Jar

It took a me a while to join the latest food craze ” Food in Jars”. Seeing all the pretty cakes, pies or puddings in the jars made me want to try them myself. I couldn’t hold back any longer.
There are hundreds of recipes you can use to make a dessert in a jar. Almost any dessert or a no dessert, too, can be prepared into a jar.
Having made a no bake Apple Pudding Cake many times I wanted to see if it would work in the jar, too. And it did. Apple pudding is very easy to prepare and is a favorite with kids and adults. It is a snack and a dessert in one. It can be made into a fancy dessert with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Apple Pudding
In a Jar (makes 5-6  1/2pint jars)
4 medium
apples, peeled and grated
1/4cup sugar
4tbl corn
1cup water
1/2tsp ground
Mini Nilla
  • Place 4 Mini
    Nilla Wafers  into the 1/2 pint jars, set
  •  In a medium
    size sauce pan cook grated apples, cinnamon and sugar on low heat. Cook until
    apples are very soft but not mushy. Taste, if desired add more sugar.
  • While
    apples are cooking  combine water and
    corn starch in a small cup. Add corn starch mixture into the apples and stir,
    continue cooking. Mixture will thicken significantly.  Bring the mixture to boil and cook, stirring
    constantly for one minute. Remove from the heat and layer apple pudding mixture
    into the prepared jars, alternating apples with more Nilla wafers, until you
    have a full jar. Close the jars, using a lid and a ring.
  • Chill in the fridge.
    These make a great snack and a dessert in one.
  • Double the
    recipe and use a spring form cake pan for a no bake cake dessert for your
    family to enjoy.
    Make a gluten
    free dessert : use potato starch instead of corn starch and use gluten free


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