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Christmas Woodland Owl Cookies

Lately a lot of my cookie design inspiration is draw from the woodland theme. For some reason this year I’m drawn to it more than other year. I’ve always loved it but it never really translated into decorated cookies.
This year it started with the Wood Log Cookies(check the fun technique used to make these), then I made Gingerbread Log House(it smells so good I’m not sure if I’ll be able to part with it), followed by really easy but super cute Birch Cookies (btw. they are perfect for dunking in milk, coffee, tea or hot cocoa)

Few weeks back I talked to Melissa of Melissa Joy, Fanciful Cookies. Melissa was so sweet, she agreed to do a Woodland Theme Collaboration with me. She also made these adorable Woodland Christmas Log Cookies, check them out. They’d go perfectly with her adorable Christmas Hedgehog Cookies she made. You can find out how to make them here.



When looking for the inspiration for my project I turned to Pinterest.  I was browsing through what seemed like millions of images and  then  I saw it : Brown Paper Bag dressed up like an owl. End of the search. That’s how I thought of  using Present Cookie Cutter to make these adorable Owl Cookies.  I hop you like them. Below is a video tutorial you can view to see how I made them.If you’d like to keep up with my video tutorials you can also find all my video tutorials, conveniently posted on my


To make Owl Cookies you need:
Present Cookie Cutter
Sugar  Cookie Recipe or you can use this yummy Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing
How to thin Royal Icing to 15 Second Consistency
15 Second Icing – light brown, red, green, dark brown
20 Second Icing – white
Piping Consistency : white, red, green
Disposable Piping Bags

Metal Clips to secure opening on the piping bag
FooDoodlers Edible Markers– I used black to make eyelashes

Christmas Woodland Theme Cookies :
Hedgehog Cookies by Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies
Owl Cookies by Haniela’s

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