Haniela's: Gingerbread Christmas Santa's House

Gingerbread Christmas Santa's House

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Yesterday I was looking for a cake pan in my pantry I found the gingerbread house cutters I had bought over the Summer. They were still  wrapped in the packaging, I never opened them.  Oh well, I completely forgot about them. I planned on using them this year to my gingerbread houses but instead I used my templates again. I wonder what else have I forgotten about...  I guess it wasn't that important after all. 

This year's design was inspired by Holiday mailing stamps.


To  make Santa's House you need - STEP BY STEP VIDEO TUTORIAL

Gingerbread Dough for centerpieces ( though fully edible, in this recipe I use more spices and  I use shortening to make this recipe, normally I prefer using butter if making cookies for eating. After baking cookies become hard/crisp.)
Gingerbread Dough Recipe - for centerpieces for eating
Royal Icing
Disposable Piping bags or sandwich bags
White Sanding Sugar
Leaf piping tip
Edible Markers - FooDoodlers Fine Tip
Food Colors

More Cute Gingerbread Houses

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