Haniela's: ~Halloween Cookies Collection~

~Halloween Cookies Collection~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are in fact my second Halloween Cookies I have ever made. First time I made Halloween Cookies in 2008, I missed 2009 due to our move and 2010 apparently is a year of my Halloween Cookies come back.

I had a lot of ideas, I didn't get to try all of them this time around, but hopefully soon I will give the rest of my ideas  a go.

I wanted to make something different with the pumpkin cookies, flipping through a puzzle magazine I saw cute hand painted pumpkins and that is how I came up with this idea for my Pumpkin Cookies

I made a stencil of a curly tree design and used it  to create this following cookie. If you notice there is a spider web design/created by wet on wet technique and use of a tooth pick/ under the tree image. I'm really in love with this one, though I need to practice stenciling technique a bit more. I used disco dust to add a little sparkle. You can get disco dust here.

I finally bought an owl cookie cutter. I decided to go with a very simply design

Another very simply designs are spider web cookies and witch hats.

 One of my favorites..., I really love the ghosts's eyes

Another set it my Halloween collection are witch cookies

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RECIPE for Royal Icing

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Halloween Pumpkin Cookies


  1. Hani! These are so beautiful! I am not much of a person for halloween but these make me want to make halloween cookies!

  2. I just got here from flickr and i have to say that your whole collection rocks!! I love everyone of them!! It's so hard to pick and fave and i adore each and everyone of them! I wonder who is the lucky recipient!

  3. Adorable!! Love every single one!! Your cookies are always so beautiful!! Hugs and Cookies!

  4. I Love Halloween & your cookies just look amazing! My favorite is the spooky tree. I'd love to know what you used to get the glitter on it? It must be edible right? I found you on Flickr & I am now following you... I'll be back to your blog!

  5. Thank you ladies for stopping by and for you fantastic comments.

    I'm really happy how these turned out. I hope these are some fresh ideas.

    Jessica - As for the tree, I used disco dust and yes it is edible.:-)
    Thank you for becoming a follower.Glad to have you.
    you can find a broad selection of disco dust here. I've purchased from them before and I really like them.