T-shirt Cupcake Toppers

Few days ago I saw a cute origami shirt and the idea for cupcake toppers was born. Well not precisely, I first made several samples using origami paper with different patterns, then I tried using scrapbooking paper..and then I thought : “Why not make them look like the real shirts would ?”
Using my photo software I designed different t-shirt styles.
T-shirt template is 4 inches by 5.5 inches.
<———Printed T-shirt templates
<—front of the future t-shirt


<——turn the template over and make a very thin line with a pencil/this is just for the reference/ in the middle

<—-fold each side to the center line you made in previous step

<——this is what you’ll get
<—-now turn the template over, now you  are facing the front of the shirt. When using a pattern paper or like I did here with a message written on the front we have to make the next fold in such manner so that the text is in the right direction. Make a fold of a pproximately 1 inch as shown.
<——turn the template over like shown
<——– make folds like shown on both sides
<——unfold the template like shown
<—–fold in the outer corners like shown (*FINAL Sleeve Fold-for future reference/. These are the corners you have to fold in again later in the process
<——– unfold your last folds and here comes the tricky part. What you are trying to do here is to connect two lines-shown on the template
<——–this is what you should get
<—here is another view
<—-now you are going to make the sleeves, in order to make the sleevesfor your shirt you need to fold in the corners. /view – above *FINAL Sleeve Fold to understand/
<—-here fold the previous fold like shown.
<——turn the shirt over, now you can clearly see that you made sleeves for your t-shirt
<———-turn the template over again and fold the opposite site of your sleeves about 1/4 of an inch.
<—-now we are going to make a collar for your shirt, fold as shown
<—-here is the last step.fold the lower part up, tuck it under the collar and there you have it.
How To Make a Cupcake Topper
to make the cupcake topper we need to add a little disposable stick to our shirt. Here is how it can be done. No glue needed.
<—make a little hole using a pin.
<— carefully insert wooden stick into the opening. Voila there you have a glue free, simple and fun cupcake topper.
 I made Father’s Day T-shirt Cupcakes using these toppers. Check them out here. They are super adorable.
Have a Great Day.

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