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Quilted Cookie Tutorial


After my last week’s post “Gray Yellow and White Heart Cookies” I’ve received quite a few emails asking for the quilted cookie tutorial and so here it.

Recipes :

You need:

  • Baked cookies(cookie I used for this tutorial is about 6 inches in diameter, a pretty big cookie, normally I don’t use big cookies like these but thought best to show you on a bigger cookie)
  • Royal icing : 
  1. outline consistency 
  2. flooding consistency icing- for quilted design I recommend using SweetSugarbelle’s– 20 second  consistency rule for royal icing, view Callye’s tutorial here, if the icing is too thin you are risking having sinking holes all over. Thicker flood icing also gives this design puffy look. I generally use a small opening on my piping bag when filling these small squares.



1.Bake the cookies
2.Pipe  horizontal lines with outline consistency icing
3.Pipe vertical lines with outline consistency icing
4. Using 20 second rule royal icing, fill every other square in  the chessboard pattern, let dry for 20-30 minutes
5. Fill remaining empty squares, let dry
6. Add dots, let dry




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  1. WOW Hani, I thought it was fondant that was pressed. Lovely, so so lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial too.

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